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What to Expect

When and Where

The session can take place at the location of your choice. When choosing a location, keep in mind that it needs to have plenty of natural light. This can include your backyard, a local park, a downtown area, or by a large window in your own home. If you don’t have a location in mind, I will be happy to suggest one for you. For best lighting conditions, it is best to schedule an outside session during morning or early evening hours. For newborns, it is best to schedule within the first two weeks of birth.



If the session takes place in your home, make sure to clear as much clutter as possible and open all the blinds. Natural light is the best light, and we’ll walk around to find the ideal spots to set up. I always advise parents to make their beds, as some of the most fun family shots can be had all sitting in a row on the bed!




The best outfit for a newborn is their birthday suit. I will come with (washable) blankets to place them on. I advise parents to dress in a solid colored shirt. To keep your newborn comfortable, warm your house to around 80 degrees before the session. Make sure your baby is also well fed right before the session begins.

Babies look (and feel) their best in a simple diaper cover or solid-color clothing. When choosing an outfit for your baby, try to avoid cartoon characters and lettering. Simple patterns and bright colors are a great choice. I will be happy to help you choose an outfit!


Dress your child in something fun yet comfortable. If your little one likes to dress themselves in cowboy boots and superhero capes, let them. There will be time for a few outfit changes so you can have a variety of styles. Remember, these are your memories. You want your child to reflect his or her own personality.

Seniors & Teens

I want YOUR style to reflect in your photographs. Bring several outfits and be prepared for a couple of outfit changes. If you are involved in any extracurricular activity, bring something that reflects that along. Remember, texture and layering is your friend.


Try coordinating outfits while leaving room for some individuality to shine through. If you are wanting to display your photographs in your home, keep in mind the colors of your house decor when you choose your outfits. Choose solid-colored, comfortable clothing that everyone will be proud to wear.


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